Monday, April 30, 2012

68: Sonsonate 5

Hey everyone!!

It's Elder Bailey.

This week has been another week of hard work. We have gotten so close to putting a date with D. Errg. It's just that her family is so apostate.

Well, first of all we got to go to the temple last week. We go every six months. Man, is that temple awesome. Seriously, the El Salvador Temple is so beautiful. I'll send you some pictures if I can get this stupid computer to work.

We went Thursday morning as a zone. I definitely enjoyed the trip. After, we all went and ate at Pizza Hut as a zone. Good stuff. Not that I have eaten a ton of pizza on the mission.

We also found a really cool family this week, familia V. The husband is one of the bosses in the Salud building (Salud is a brand of milk...they make cheese, milk, strawberry milk, etc.—good stuff). He's really smart and just really open. His wife is the receptionist in the same company. Not as open and Catholic, but she's still pretty positive. They're reading the BOM and everything, but couldn't make it to church because he has a broken leg and had to go in for a checkup. Oh, and when I say he broke his leg... like major broken. He has a screw going down from his knee to his ankle holding his leg together. It's pretty serious stuff. But anyways, we're going to go see them again today.

Well, I got the pictures attached, which took a while, so I don't really have much more time to write, but there they are. Zona Sonsonate at the temple.

Thanks for writing me, keep it up!

Take care,
Elder Bailey

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