Thursday, April 12, 2012

65: Sonsonate 2

¡Buenos días!

Wow, this was a cool week. So I started writing in my journal again. That is something good, because I never really had time in the office...we usually got to bed at like 12. But look at me, I'm repenting.

Wednesday after writing, we went to eat Mexican food at the purple place with the donkey. It was way good. We went with the zone leaders, and then later the zone leaders of Sonzacate also showed up, so we all ate burritos. Then we went to this ice cream place that was way good and had a lot of rare flavors of ice cream—avocado, corn, rice pudding, chang, and a whole bunch of weird fruits that only exist here. I ate one of those rare fruits ice creams (in addition to tasting almost ALL of them). I don't really remember what it was called, but it was pretty dang good.

After that I went and played soccer with all the Latin boys in our neighborhood. Then I pulled out a frisbee and taught them how to play. It was pretty sweet. It was the first time I've played an actual game of frisbee in forever.

Later that day, at about 6:30, my stomach just started burning. Cramping, imploding. Seriously, it killed. I was dying. And we were in a lesson with this Catholic guy who didn't want to stop talking. After that, we ran to our other appointment and I told the member that I was dying and that we'd have to come back the next day.

That was a really painful night. I ate something wrong, and I was dehydrated. I was basically just laying on my bed in pain until about 2 in the morning—which I suppose is a good thing because the nurse told me it should have been about 24 hours. So yeah, let's just say Sonsonate is not nearly as clean as Santa Ana, and that Santa Ana is not nearly, nearly as clean as any city in the States.

This week we've been focusing our efforts on two people: F. and D. We've had some really cool lessons with them.

On Thursday, we had a special multi-zone conference. We talked a lot about the atonement. It was really good. One thing that I always did as secretary was collect pictures of every family who was baptized and print them off and put them in a frame, and we would then give it to the missionaries as a gift and as recognition for baptizing a family. Well, the new secretary didn't do so well, and President mentioned at the beginning that not everything was correct because he was learning.

Friday, we had a special activity as a mission. President planned a trip to the temple that we could take with our investigators. There was a bus that left from each stake. I was able to bring D. and F. and their families. D. is the wife of J., a member, and a really awesome guy. Seriously, he's a stud. They got married when he was inactive. Her brother is a pastor of the church on the other corner from D.'s house. So that is kind of the biggest challenge with her. So we brought her and her husband and their three little children to the temple. F. is a slower guy and is married to another member named K. We brought them both to the temple.

It was way cool. They started with a meeting where President Cordon talked about the temple, then proceeded to a tour around the temple. To end, they all gathered back in the room and President talked to them, giving them the baptismal invitation. It was pretty sweet. I think there were about 700 investigators there in all.

So after that, we visited D.'s house, and she admitted that she felt something. Man, we were so close to putting a date. She knows the Church is true and that she has to get baptized, she just is afraid. I think she'll get baptized soon.

Saturday I went on interchanges with Elder Gillette, our zone leader. They were good. We got a lot done. We didn't put any dates, but we did find a lot of news, and brought one of them, E., to church the next day. It was cool.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for tuning in.

Elder Bailey

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