Monday, April 16, 2012

66: Sonsonate 3

So this week has been interesting. Monday, after writing to you, I had to go to Santa Ana because my companion needed an interview. He'd been feeling really sick. Turns out he's had a brain tumor 3x4 cm and didn't put that in his papers. He'd been having a lot of headaches, and finally confessed that he was sick. Well, Monday he had his interview with President and was told that he had to pack up his bags and return Tuesday. During his interview, I got to run a couple errands with the assistants. That was a lot of fun. Good times, good memories.

So Tuesday we arrived at the office. My companion went. As it turns out, that day a new missionary was arriving from the MTC in Colombia. Elder Perez, he's Colombiano. He's my new companion.

Seriously, though, he's an awesome guy. He only has three years of being a member, but has a very strong testimony. He is a good teacher and is learning very quickly. However, his Spanish is VERY different. I don't understand a lot of the words he uses, but have taken it upon me to teach him kaliche and how to talk like a Salvadoreanan. It's fun.

We're working very hard in our area. We're contacting a lot, teaching a lot, and sweating a lot. It's sweet. The mission is so awesome.

My ward is sweet. This Sunday we had the priesthood leaders meeting (comité ejecutivo). It was so effective. I was amazed. It was the most effective leaders meeting I have had since I got here (out of all of the wards and branches where I've been).

Well, I don't really have a lot of time left, but I'm good out here.  I'm actually getting a LITTLE color in my skin.

Elder Bailey

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