Monday, July 30, 2012

81: Sonsonate 18

Hey, so what's up?

This was one of those weeks when I really wished they had kleenex in El Salvador. I got way sick. I caught a nasty fever. It started with a cough, then a fever, then I just got sick all around. So it was kind of rough. Yesterday I got permission to break the Sabbath day and buy antibiotics. So I'm getting better now.

In other news, we had two investigators in church and have found some pretty positive people. We had a long streak of finding people who didn't progress, and finally we're finding some. Ha ha, and of course I'm leaving. We have changes this week, so Wednesday they're going to assign me to a new area.

On Tuesday, I went on an interchange to Sonsonate, and we had to go to the top of their area. It was really pretty, so we took a picture.

It's a short letter today, but will be longer next week.

Elder Bailey
From Jul 30, 2012

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