Monday, July 23, 2012

80: Sonsonate 17

Hello family!

How's it going?

This week's been cool. Let me explain!

We found news, we've been working hard, etc.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting in Santa Ana with all the district leaders. It was really long, but cool. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. The air conditioning was freezing. I guess I'm just used to sweating rivers in Sonsonate.

On Thursday, I went on interchanges with Sonsonate. Good times, worked hard.

On Friday, I went on interchanges with the zone leaders. Good times; worked hard. We found some cool news who went to church on Sunday.

We've been working hard. There have been challenges, but you just try to be happy and work through them. I've got a bunch of pictures I'm going to send today.

Hope everything is well.

Elder Bailey (como bailar)

Yesterday we made empanadas with our cook. So that's us playing with the dough. Also on Wednesday we made pizza with the ward and our investigators, so there are a bunch of pictures from that too.

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