Monday, July 9, 2012

78: Sonsonate 15

Well, it's been a good week. We've worked hard.

It's been fun being a district leader. I have to go to the other area
a lot because both the missionaries there are newer and really don't
know what they are doing. Last week I had put a date in their area,
but the person didn't go to church. On Tuesday, I put an appointment
with him, and recommitted him to baptism that week. I went with
Sonsonate, Elder Argueta, all day that day and had a lot of success.
We found some very positive news, and had a lot of lessons. I
explained a lot of things to him, and taught him how to organize his
time better and be more on top of things. I also helped him plan in
the night time. I felt like it was a very successful meeting. The
next day, they had very good numbers. I was happy. The following
day, they had terrible numbers again. I don't really understand why.
They just don't know what they're doing. Also, the person I put the
date with didn't get baptized. He had put it off.

Thursday, I did interchanges with Elder Tuck, the zone leader from
Colorado. It was cool. I learned. Then we decided to do something a
little different. The next day (Friday), Elder Tuck and I both went
to the area of Sonsonate and worked with Elder Argueta and Elder
McLean. Our objective was to make sure that the person got baptized.
While it was kind of strange to leave my area alone for one day, we
got Daniel baptized. It was a good baptism. Sonsonate is a very cool
area. There are a lot of really positive people there. The only
problem is that they don't do things very I'm going to
continue working a ton with them. They could baptize at least 3 more
in their area, and in my area we have one.

Her name is N. She's way cool. She has been reading a ton in the BOM
and loves it. We are going to baptize her this Sunday. I'm way
excited. It's going to be [cool]! I don't know what to do with B.
and M. They know the Church is true, but just aren't progressing
because she has to find a different job before they can get married
and baptized. It's really frustrating. I feel like we're probably
going to have to leave them. So we're probably going to end with 5
baptized this month in my district, which is pretty good.

On Saturday, Elder Govea and I organized a ward activity. It was fun.
We put together a bunch of games. The only problem is that the
people in this ward really don't like to participate a ton, but it was
still cool.

Well, the mission is awesome. I hope everything is going well back
home. Take care.

Elder Bailey

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