Friday, August 3, 2012

82: Primavera 1

So we had changes week...and guess where I ended up? Right back where I started, Zona Modelo. This is my fourth area in Modelo. This time I am in the area of Primavera, and am serving as zone leader. My companion is Elder Rodriguez, a Mexican (I think I've sent pictures of him before). He's a fun companion and a really good teacher. This is definitely going to be a good change. The area is also really cool. I already know a ton of the members there, seeing as how I've already got a ton of time in this zone.

It is really weird to be back in the zone where I started. Walking around in this area reminds me of all the interchanges I did with Elder Brown when I was just a newby and couldn't even speak Spanish. Now I'm here again, but this time doing what Elder Brown did. Then we go down to the stake center and I just have all the memories from the office flood back in. It really is a weird feeling, but at the same time it's pretty cool. This is just my zone, and I'm pretty stoked to work with all of these missionaries.

On Monday and Tuesday I was able to say goodbye to the ward (America). It was fun. I'm going to miss that ward. Here are a couple pictures of that.

On Wednesday we had changes meeting where I received my new companion. I got to work in my area a little bit and get to know some of our investigators. There are a lot of people we can baptize right now. I'm pretty stoked.

Thursday we had a zone leaders' meeting. It was very long...but cool. There are a lot of new zone leaders in the mission right now. We'll see how the mission does. I definitely need to improve my teaching quality. Everyone looks up to you as an example and it's just kind of weird. We don't really sleep very much either. Between planning, getting numbers, preparing things to teach in conferences, meetings, etc., we don't really have a lot of time.

The meeting ended a little late, and we were able to teach a couple quick lessons in our area. Then we had to go pick up Elder Rabanales (who's finishing his mission) and take him to the assistants' house. But before that, we stopped by Hermana Fernandez's house to eat dinner. We met up with the assistants there. Hermana Fernandez had prepared a big cake for Elder Rabanales. Good times.

Then we took Elder Rabanales to the assistants' house. He's probably in his house by now...

Well, this week has been interesting. I definitely need to get some sleep.

Take care everyone. My P-days are Fridays again.

Elder Bailey

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