Friday, August 10, 2012

83: Primavera 2


Hello family,

Wow.  So it's been another week already.  It's way strange.  This week has just gone by super fast.  I've been pretty sleep deprived this week.  We've just always had so much to do.  It always takes forever to take numbers.  We have to plan and study, etc.  Seriously, we don't sleep.

It's pretty cool and weird being in this zone.  I already know almost all the areas here.  I know a ton of people.  It's cool.

My area is way cool.  The members are way cool and have been working a bunch with us.  We have a bunch of investigators, but they are all progressing kind of slow.  We have one date right now with a guy named M.  He's cool.  I just realized that I'm being really descriptive in my letter today.  It's cool.

On Monday, we had an activity with the whole mission where we brought our investigators to the temple and gave them a tour around the temple.  It was way cool.  I was talking in one of the stations...the garden, in front of the temple.  It was cool.  No, actually it was really hot.  I was in the sun for like 5 hours.  I got pretty burnt.  I'm peeling right now.  But it was cool.  In my station we gave them a couple minutes to meditate.  Many people received their answers in that time.  A lot of people left crying; one time a woman stood up and bore a SWEET testimony.  It was definitely cool.

On Wednesday, Elder Rodriguez and I were in charge of a 2 ½ hour meeting in our zone.  We were up until about 12:00 preparing, and all of the morning.  But it was good.  I felt like the meeting was really effective.

So it's cool.  We've done a tone of interchanges.  We're working hard.  We're going to meet our goal of 20 baptisms.  We've got 5 baptized with 13 dates right now.  It's cool.

Well, I hope everything is well back home.  Thanks for writing me.

Elder Bailey

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