Friday, March 23, 2012

63: Independencia 30

Okay.  So let’s start.

I’m leaving the office next week.  That’s for sure.  I’m probably going to go train, and I’m probably going to Sonsonate.

Now this week has been very busy.  Way busy.  But awesome.  Let’s start with Saturday.

Elder Ward and I have been working very hard to find new investigators in March.  We put on activities, looked for referrals, and contacted a ton, but honestly, we hadn’t really found many people to teach who would progress. 

So, it was long.  Well, Saturday, after a long day of looking and contacting, something cool happened.  We had been up in the Colonia los Santos, which is up above Pizza Hut and the mall.  We had had no success up there.  We were walking back, passed Pizza Hut, passed the mall, then passed the bus station.  To add to it, some random woman was throwing her dirty water onto the street, and threw it just as Elder Ward passed by, and got his pants and shoes soaked.  So not so great. 

Then, as we continued walking, someone called me, saying, "Hey, hey."  So I turned around.  There was a man running after us.  When he reached me, he said, "Hey, I want to be an elder.  What do I have to do to be an elder."  I was a little caught off guard.  "Huh?"  "I want to be a missionary and help people.  What do I need to do?"  So we explained that first of all, he had to keep the Sabbath day holy, and come to church with us the next day.  "I’ll be there, I promise."  We took his address, and went our ways.  We were going to visit him even if he didn’t show up.  But he did.  That Sunday was a special conference with Central America, broadcasted from Salt Lake.  William was attentive the whole time.  Elder Clayton, Elder Packer, and some other people taught, it was way cool.

After, we invited William to come eat with us.  So we went to our cook, Hermana Estela’s house, and ate some awesome chicken, then sat down and taught William about baptism, and he accepted a date.  IT WAS AWESOME.  I was so happy.  So turns out Independencia IS going to baptize this month.  William is going to get baptized the 31st, right after Saturday General Conference.  I am so stoked, even though I am not going to be here.  He counts as my convert.

Man, so that was that.

Monday, the week got really busy.  The doctor for all the missionaries in Central America, Doctor Drake (yeah, that’s his name), came and the mission nurse was using my computer most the day, so I didn’t get a lot done then.

Tuesday, I had to go to San Salvador to renew my immigration card thingy.  Man, that was an adventure.  I ended up going with our bus driver (President Vargas, 2nd counselor in the Chalchuapa Stake) to the office of the other mission, to Walmart and Office Depot (that’s right, I went to Walmart, it was so awesome!), and to the temple as well.  It was a busy day.  Then I had to go with Elder Maradiaga to a whole bunch of random places.  It was pretty crazy.  I’ve pretty much been in all corners of San Salvador now.  Well, that adventure ended with a nice lunch at 5:00 of Wendy’s chicken sandwiches and a CHOCOLATE frosty.  Good stuff.

Well, Wednesday was another adventure.  It was my last week of giving my convert speech.  I went with the ZL’s to Modelo first, then we booked it to Sonsonate.  Man, it’s a beautiful drive.  El Salvador is so pretty.  Well, then president decided to show up too, so that kind of made me a little nervous, but that was actually the best speech about retention that I gave.  It was cool.  After that, I got to the office and ate really quickly, then left with Elder Ward to teach William again.  Man, he’s stoked for his baptism.  Another crazy day.

Thursday, I finally had some time to work in the office, but not enough.  I’m trying to get everything ready for the new records secretary who’s going to come in.  That’s why I’m here in the office today, working like crazy.  But yeah, I’m going to get some changes, finally.  I’m pretty stoked.  My next letter will be interesting.

Hope it’s all going well out there in the states, or wherever you guys are now.  It’s great here in El Salvador.

Love you all,
Elder Bailey

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