Friday, March 16, 2012

62: Independencia 29

Dear family!

Hey, whatsup?

It's all good here in El Salvador. We've been doing a lot of finding lately. It's been hard, but cool. The office has been busy, as always. This change President asked me to go from zone to zone each Wednesday to talk about retention. So I've been going with the assistants every Wednesday to different zones. It's been so much fun.

I've learned a ton from the assistants. We always talk about what was good, what was bad, what the mission needs, etc. It's been way cool.

I've gone to Molino, Chalchuapa, Ahauchapán, Sonzacate, and Juayúa.

I've learned lots being able to see how each zone and district functions.

Also, we get to see all the beautiful scenery in El Salvador. It is a beautiful country, seriously. I absolutely love it. Especially Sonsonate, it's way cool out there.

Sunday morning the assistants had a baptism. It was cool.

That Sunday was also voting day here in El Salvador. Apparently, it can get pretty sketchy on voting day, so all the mission had to be in their houses at 5, and weren't allowed to contact. Well, in my area there was seriously no one on the streets. No one. Our attendance in church was half of what it usually is. 60. Wow.

Because our house is right next to the big police station, we figured that would probably be one of the first places an uprising would happen, so we all went up to the assistants' house. Also, the zone leaders were there because they were doing interchanges. So it was fun. First of all, we made a list of all the normal questions and doubts we get in our mission, with the answers (a lot of missionaries don't know how to answer the common questions). It was cool. Then we made baleadas, which is a famous Honduranean meal. Basically, it's a breakfast burrito. So we made those, and they were way good.  Then we made a cake because the assistants have an oven. When it finished baking, I got to decorate it, so we had a baptizing theme!

It was great! It's a black person baptizing a dark Latin in a muddy lake. I have to admit, it was pretty cool. I was really impressed with my cake decorating abilities. I'm going to keep that open as a career possibility when I get back. Anyway, it was just fun to hang out, eat, and talk with the other missionaries. It was cool.

So I've been good. I'm reading the Bible and Jesus the Christ, and it is helping immensely with my teaching. If you haven't read the New Testament yet, you'd better do it before your mission. Seriously, it's awesome. Especially here. The Book of Mormon is the way that the investigators can feel and know the Church is true, but the Bible is the way we can prove it. If you can't teach with the Bible, it'll be hard. Anyway, it's been great. I've enjoyed it a lot these last couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I went to Trebol with Elder Madsen. We taught their clown (they're going to baptize a clown...he's kind of weird), and some members who have big problems, then after we found a guy who spoke English, but with a British accent. It was really weird...a Latin/British accent. But we taught him all in English, so it was really interesting.

I'm really trying to take advantage of this time I have left in the office. There is a lot I can learn from President and the assistants, and so I'm spending as much time as I can with them, and am learning a lot.

Well, I hope everything is awesome back home. Be happy. Remember that if you're not happy, you're doing something wrong. Change it, and be happy.

See ya,

Elder Bailey

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