Friday, March 2, 2012

60: Independencia 27

Hey family,

So I haven't seen any more zombies, but I am kind of getting sick of having to dodge handcars on the freeway.

Good, busy week.

The assistants baptized, and I did the interview.  Elder Beaton was really excited because the girl they baptized was a chemical engineer (like him).  I got to do her interview.  It was very cool.  Carla was studying to be a chemical engineer, and felt like she was missing God.  So she prayed to Him, and asked him to show her the way.  When the missionaries got to their house (they were actually just looking for a house to rent), they didn't really want anything.  But Elder Beaton and Elder Molina returned and taught them.  They were very open people, and started reading the BOM and going to church.  So, with the interview—we started out and she didn't feel ready to get baptized. After like 40 minutes of interviews, I told her to just say a prayer right then and there and ask God if she should get baptized.  So she did it, and we just sat there in silence for about 3 minutes, then she came up crying and told me that she had received her answer.  It was super powerful.  Carla commented that she had never imagined that God would have answered her in that way.  It was a really cool interview.

So the following Wednesday, she and her mom got baptized, and now they are changed people.  Happier, and even cooler.  Yeah, this church is definitely true.  It's awesome.  It was an awesome baptism.  We saw the movie about John Moyle for the intermedio.  I got to see my mountains.  So awesome.  Send me some more pictures.

On Tuesday, I went on the Fat Ivan.  That guy's a member, he's awesome.  It was a cool night.
Also, president asked me to go from zone to zone each Wednesday to talk a little bit about retention.  So this week I went with the assistants to Juay├║a and Sonzacate.  I got to give a talk in front of
them, and it was really cool.  I learned a lot from them, and it was a very fun trip.  We took a little longer road back that was just beautiful.  We passed by the Volcano Izalco, and the Lake Coatepeque. We took pictures, but Elder Alvarado has them.  But man, it was breathtaking.

So that's this week.  Hope y'all take care.

Elder Bailey

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