Friday, October 28, 2011

42: Independencia 9


Well, first off, I'm on youtube!  Ivan Retana (el Líder misional) put up a video of our service project on youtube.  It's called "acto de servicio barrio independencia estaca modelo el salvador".  I'm in it, working hard as always.

Okay.  So it's been good.  This has really been a good week.  We'll start with Friday night.

Friday night we were running around from house to house teaching.  We have these 2 investigators (they're this older couple of about 55 years) who...are so nice.  We're going to see if they're really going to progress this weekend, but they are sweet.  And not sweet as in cool, but sweet as in…sweet.  They are so nice.  Probably some of the most fun people I've met in this country.  After, we went and had dinner with some members and shared a message.  They were all crying.  Man, I wish I could do THAT with every investigator. 

After that, the bishop called me because it was 8:05 and we had an appointment with him at 8.  He's very punctual, probably the only person in this country like that.  But it's good.  So we literally took off booking it through the city to get to his house.  Elder Christner kept losing his shoe.  Well, I got there, and there were all my favorite members there.  And a cake!  It was my first surprise birthday party!  Good times.  They sang to me and all.  Then, as tradition goes, I had to take a bite of the cake, and my companion pushed my face into the cake.  Got frosting all over.  At least the bishop didn't do it, because he would have thrown my whole head into it.  I realized that that's why they didn't use candles after.  If there had been candles, they probably would have scarred my face.

Saturday we woke up and had a good companion study, talking about service, then, as it turns out, the assistants were getting ready to do a service project up in San Jorge, so we went with them.  Wow, how weird was it to return to San Jorge, but at least a bunch of my converts are still active.  It was cool.  We fixed the roof of the house of Jeronimo, my last convert in San Jorge.  One of my converts told me I was getting fat.  Dang it.  During this time, I was coming down from the ladder to move it over, and ran right up into a barbed wire fence.  Yep, punctured right through my pants and...yeah.  It hurt.  Then in the night it kind of looked infected so I had to call the nurse.  Well, Elder Beaton, the assistant, thought it was so funny that he called her.  It was a pretty funny conversation that night.  Then, of course, the next Monday when she came in again was just as funny.  But hey, it's the mish.

So I couldn't really sit down Sunday.  We had the Primary program that day.  Wow, was it hard to sit down.  It was a good day, we got a lot accomplished. 

Monday we went and talked to William, a teenager of 17 years.  Wow, he is so positive.  We've been reading the Book of Mormon with him, and he has been very open.  It's kind of interesting because I was getting a little frustrated that week from not teaching well.  Then I went on interchanges with Elder Maradiaga (secretario de migracion, es de Honduras) yesterday, and we taught some amazing lessons.  He's awesome, Elder Maradiaga, probably one of the most fun people I've known here.  Wow.  I'm really talking in extremes today.

So we had a lesson with William and taught him the gospel of Christ, then when it came to baptism, I just asked the perfect questions.  It was awesome. We put a date with him for the 18th of November.  I am so excited, this guy's awesome.  He absolutely wants to be baptized and knows the Church is true.  His only doubt is that him mom is very active in another church, and he's a little timid about talking to her.  But then we even got him to ask for help with that specifically in his prayer.  He is so sweet.  I'm way excited, praying for him every night.

Also, we basically reactivated a less active family that day too.  We were out with Ivan Retana looking up references, and there was one where the directions were messed up.  We were looking for house #25, but it wasn't on the right street.  So we decided to just go down the street until we got to house #25.  Well, when we finally found it, it wasn't the person we were looking for, but instead an inactive abuelita and her son lived there.  Well, we got talking, and she told us that she wanted to come back to church and stop smoking.  It was so cool.

So really, yesterday was just an awesome day.  Elder Maradiaga is way sweet, I'd have so much fun with him as my companion.  We also taught one of the funniest lessons ever.  It was to this other grandma who was a little crazy, and we were all laughing the whole time...but that's what she needed.  She enjoyed it a lot, and now wants the missionaries to come see her again.  Also, a couple days before that I taught some other good lessons with Elder Christner and Ivan el Gordo.  He's this other member who's way powerful.  We taught a sweet lesson about the Plan of Salvation, then tied it into the Book of Mormon, and prophets, and Joseph Smith.  Way powerful.  After that, we reactivated another family, family Blanco.

Well, so I've just been playing more ping pong this morning.  We've been doing a lot of that.  Thanks for all the support back home, and thanks for the birthday cards.  This has really been a sweet birthday for me.  I absolutely loved it!  Today is Elder Molina's birthday, so we'll probably go do some sweet stuff today as well.  Well, thanks for everything! 


Elder Bailey

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