Saturday, October 1, 2011

38: Independencia 5


It's kind of interesting being able to see all that happens in the mission. I've definitely learned a lot. We had multizones this week. Man, it was a feast. The president taught us some pretty awesome, inspired stuff—WOG, as my companion calls it (word of God). We got some pretty sweet WOG. It's kind of cool—the more I serve, the more I come to understand the power that I have as a missionary.

We had a pretty cool appointment with Julio Cesar. He's one of our investigators, and is an artist. He is pure awesome. He reminds me a lot of Mike--my brother, Mike. He draws, paints, makes gadgets, and lights chains on fire and dances with them. It's so tight. He gave us a little show in his house, and it was awesome. My companion has a video of it, but we can't get it loaded onto the computer. We're going to have him do a performance in a couple weeks, so I'll get pictures, but it's pretty cool. He's been an investigator for a long time because he always has things he has to do on Sunday. It stinks, because he really wants to go to church and follow Christ, but because of his work, it's hard. I hope we can get a date with him soon.

It's going well in the office. I keep busy. To be honest, I've never really done something like this before, so I am learning a lot, especially about leadership. The assistants are awesome. Elder Hosman is probably one of the most gifted people I've seen in the mission. While he's not so inspiring in front of big crowds (sorry, it's true), he is amazing at reading people and inspiring them one on one. He can just tell what people need. He's a way good missionary, I've learned a whole bunch from him. Elder Molina's the other one. Pure stud. Good missionary. Inspiring. But he has gotten a bit of a belly from the mission.

Well, I honestly don't have as much to write this week, but thanks for everything! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Bailey

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