Sunday, October 23, 2011

41: Independencia 8

Wow. It has been raining so much here. Seriously. They say this is one of the hardest and longest times it has rained here for a long time. I didn't see the sun for so long. In fact, Sunday we just had sacrament meeting, then they cancelled the other meetings to go gather stuff for the people in need whose houses were flooded.

Yesterday was my birthday (for those of you who don't know). I'm not gonna lie, it was really good. First, we had a multizone conference with the president about the effects of what happened. It was a very, very good conference, the best I have had in the mission. He talked about rules, why they are important, and things like that. It was excellent. The president is so awesome.

Then the Hma. Cordòn's family made me brownies and gave me a huge bag of candy. It was pretty awesome. I ended up working in the office very late (Elder Christner had a lot to do), then we left, taught a little, then went out to eat pupusas and celebrate with some members. It was so much fun.

Pupusas are a big thing here. It doesn't matter what they're celebrating, if the El Salvadoranos have to celebrate something, they go eat pupusas. Well, we went to this restaurant that was supposed to be very good (way expensive...50 or 60 cents per pupusa!). Then they also brought some candles, and we ended up putting them in the pupusas because we didn't have a cake, and really it was just fun. They also had some pretty strange pupusas there: pepperoni, chicken, jalapeño. A little different, but way good. I was with my companion, Ivan Retana (the leader misional, one of the coolest people I've ever met), Ivan el Gordo (he is really fat, but a way cool person), and Kevin Salazar (another member in my ward who's going to start his mission in December). We had a good time.

Then Ivan Retana gave me a sweet mug for my birthday. I can't explain it, I'll just have to show you a picture. I really want to send pictures, but can't because I don't have my camera. I left it in my backpack, and my backpack is in the car, and the car is not here because the assistants ran off with it. Oh, by the way, I just took out my license today. Yeah!

So yeah. But to be honest, we didn't get to work too much this week. Next week we're going to be able to get back in the work, which is nice. To be honest, the office has its perks, but man, last week was just not a good time to be in the office. It was a rough week, and I definitely learned a lot. The work goes forward. Nothing's going to stop that stone cut out from the mountain. It just keeps rolling.

Thanks for all you guys do and your support. I appreciate it.

Elder Bailey

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