Friday, November 4, 2011

43: Independencia 10

Well, it’s been another week.

Last weekend we had stake conference.  We were able to bring an investigator, Roberto, to the priesthood session.  It was very good, but a little embarrassing for me.  The last speaker called me up and asked if I could give the missionary purpose.  I did, and I was very proud of myself for doing it, but as it turns out, I forgot the atonement, and President Cordon corrected me.  Well, I pulled it off to be funny.

Stake conference was way good.  We are finding a lot of new investigators, and some of them are progressing.  We just need to get them to church!  We have one investigator, William, the 17-year-old boy, who knows the Church is true, but his parents are Catholic, so he’s really trying to push to get permission to get baptized.  Yeah, he’s awesome.

We’re looking for families now.  The president has put a huge emphasis on families, so that is my goal.  I especially want to find a family before December, because it means I’ll be able to take them to the temple in a year, and that would be so awesome!

This week has been a good week.  I’ve worked a lot in the office.  The end of the month is when I have to have all the registros submitted, and a gizzilion of other stuff.  So it’s been busy.  Really nice, I enjoyed the pressure.

Hope everything is going well back home, and that everyone is getting ready for CHRISTMAS!

Take care,

Elder Bailey

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