Monday, November 26, 2012

97: Juayua 5

Hello Everyone.

This week has been sweet.

Monday after writing we went and played soccer. I scored 3...which was honestly a miracle, because I can't play soccer at all. Don't really know how that worked out, but cool. I also taught all the Salvadoreños how to play frisbee, and we played that for a while as well. THAT WAS FUN. Seriously, I haven't played some good frisbee for some time now.

I, then, for the next three days, sent my comp on interchanges in various areas because he's been in this area for 6 months and is kind of baggy when working here. So I sent him out, and worked in my area. Wow. It was cool. I found some cool investigators.

On Tuesday, we went with the elders quorum president, Presidente S. He's this older guy who was bishop of this ward for 15 years not long ago. So we went with him to contact some inactive members. While we were on the way, he felt the impression to stop and contact at the house of one of his old friends. So we contacted him. It's another older guy named SJ. The day before, he told us he had had a vision where, basically, he realized his church was wrong, and saw two men that he had to follow. Then, the day later, we showed up. Yeah, the guy is way positive. He went to church and has basically accepted a date. We just need to help him a little with coffee.

Then we have G. We've been teaching him for a while. He has changed a ton. He is just about to accept a date.

On Thursday, we had a sweet multi zone for Thanksgiving. We taught about the BOM. The only problem is I got way sick from the Thanksgiving lunch.

Well, I hope everyone is well, I just ran out of time,

Elder Bailey

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