Monday, November 19, 2012

96: Juayua 4

Hey family,

So I'm kind of short on time right now, but it's all going well. This week we got to work with Elder Malmgren, the assistant. We drove around to all the areas and put dates. That was fun. Also, this was his last week, so...he's "dead" now.

On Thursday, we went to contact a referral. Man, it took like 2 hours to get there. We were hiking through pure jungle. It took a lot of time, but was way cool.

Saturday we found some way awesome investigators. Man, they basically came to the conclusion for themselves that our church is true. Very smart. They've read the scriptures a lot, and realized that the true church needs to have a prophet, 12 apostles, etc. So that was cool.

Well, it's all going well. I hope everything is cool back home. Take care, and have a happy thanksgiving. Eat a turkey for me.

Elder Bailey

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