Monday, November 12, 2012

95: Juayùa 3

Hey family:

Okay.  So I continue with the life of not sleeping very much.  The truth is that this week has been better than the last as far as that goes.  So we've been working hard, getting a lot done.  We've been finding a lot of investigators.  Unfortunately, NONE of them went to church, which was a big bummer, because a lot of them are really positive.  So we're just going to keep teaching and committing them. 

My companion introduced me to a really good pupuserìa.  They make what is called Pupusas Locas.  Basically, they put EVERYTHING in them, and make the pupusas the size of your plate.  MAN, they are SO GOOD.  I was addicted the first time I tried it.  Wow, it's good.  And they gave me some jalapeño peppers too.  So, it was really hot, but delicious.

I think the highlight of this week wasSaturday morning.  We decided to cook breakfast for the auxiliary leaders in our ward.  Not everyone showed up, but it was really good.  We cooked them eggs and french toast.  They don't have french toast here, so the leaders were pretty stoked.  At the end, we asked them for referrals, and we got like 12.  So I would say that the activity was a success.  Not only did we get a bunch of referrals, but we got to eat french toast too.

On Sunday we had the Stake Correlation Meeting with President Cordon and the bishops and ward mission leaders from the stake.  It was way good.  Man, President never ceases to amaze me.  He is so smart.  So I'm still learning a lot from him.

Christmas is coming, so we've started planning activities for Christmas.  I hope we can get a lot of referrals and baptisms out of these.

I hope everything is going well back home.  Take care!

Elder Christopher Ren Bailey

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