Monday, October 29, 2012

93: Juayùa 1

HEY HEY Family!
I am writing you today from Juayùa, the prettiest area in the mission. Wow, seriously, I have so much to write to you this week, and not nearly enough time, so here we go.

So, the twentieth was my birthday. It wasn't so great of a day at first. We had been teaching this single mother named C. She was way positive, and progressing really fast. She kept all the commitments and had gone to church. We taught her the law of chastity and she admitted she was with another guy, and that she would talk to him. Well, the next day we talked to her and she said that she talked to him, and that he was going to get married to her, but that he would never do it if she went to our church. So, not thinking very clearly, she told us she was done. We tried to explain and everything, that was really sad. She's really missing out.

Well, it was kind of a bad day until 8. We went to the F. family house and had a fun little party with confetti and beans, eggs, plantain bananas, and cake. I know that sounds lame, but it was fun. That family is awesome.

On Monday I got changes. I said goodbye to all my friends then packed up. On Wednesday, I went to the changes meeting, and they sent me to Juayùa. I love this city. It's a touristy city, way up in the mountains, it's not hot here, and it's beautiful. The city is well kept (for being in El Salvador), and there are even trash cans on the streets. EVERYTHING is green here. It is beautiful. In the morning I went running with my comp and we found a really pretty view that showed all of Juayùa and all of Sonsonate and the ocean. It was awesome. So everyone says that Juayùa is a hard zone, but I think it's so awesome.

My first day here we got to know a family that had been going to church for 2 years, but could never get baptized because he had to get divorced. Well, they had just gotten divorced and told us they were finally ready to get baptized. Man, this family is awesome. They have really strong testimonies. So I was pretty stoked about that.

After that, I had interchanges with the assistants, and went back to Palmar, Modelo for two days with Elder Z...

Yeah anyways, then Saturday I got to go to the big Modelo activity that I had been planning with the stake and see all my friends. Cool. Then after I went back to my area and went to the wedding of the V. family. Good stuff. Good cake.

On Sunday, we had a baptism. It was cool, very spiritual. This family is definitely ready. Anyway, but I love it here in Juayùa. I'm really excited to work here. Elder Cade Larson's in my zone. That's a cool little guy. Juayùa is just so bonito. The only problem is our house is very messy, and there are a lot of huge spiders. Seriously, a ton. I've seen like nests of hundreds of them. Then when I went to take a shower a couple days ago and turned on the water, a cockroach came shooting out of the tube. But other than that, it's cool.

Love the mish. Don't get baggy.



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