Friday, October 5, 2012

91: Primavera 10

Hello family,

Hope everything is going well back home.  This week has been great.  My comp and I have been working way hard, and it feels so good.  We've taught a ton of lessons, and have taught a lot of people: some positive, some not so much.  I realized I've definitely gotten a lot better as a teacher.

Elder Hobbs has been awesome.  He's like the first comp who really plans with me, and we've come up with a lot of cool ideas.  We had our zone meeting on Wednesday and it was so sweet.  We planned really well, and a lot of the missionaries said it was one of the best zone meetings they had had.  Once a month, we have a 2.5 hour zone capacitation that we teach.  So Wednesday we taught for 2.5 hours, and it was a way sweet.  We also have the most effective comps studies that I have had in all my mission.  We learn a ton and set up some really good lessons.

We've also been having a lot of fun.  We have to cook lunch because we don't have a cook.  Sometimes we just get tacos, but most of the time we cook.  I usually just cook the normal Salvadoranean meal:  beans, eggs, cream, and bread.  I'm pretty much pro now, just so you know.

This week I've been on interchanges to the areas of Las Aradas and Piramidal.  They were very effective interchanges.  I was able to show them how to work hard and have effective lessons and always be talking to people and finding news.  I went with Elder S., a Mexican in Las Aradas, and Elder G. from Orange County.  Elder G. is on his second change in the mission, and has improved a ton.  He's a good teacher, I was really impressed.  Also, his Spanish has gotten very good as well.  It's cool to see the improvement and growth of the people in my zone.  The interchange with Elder S. was a very fun change.  He was a lot of fun.  I showed him how to work harder, and he set some goals to improve.  The other person who has improved a lot is Elder L.  He's a missionary from Dominican Republic and this last change his comp, Elder Taylor (from swimming), has helped him a ton, and he is improving a lot.  His is a good teacher, I was really impressed.  

We have a baptismal date for this Sunday.  Her name is E.  She's pretty tight, but I'll tell you her story AFTER her baptism.

Well, today we have a lunch with President because we met our goal of 20 baptisms in August.  So I don't really have a lot of time to write you.  But I hope everything is going well, and that everyone is still going to church.

Take care,
Elder Bailey

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