Saturday, February 11, 2012

57: Independencia 24

Oh man.

We had a baptism! Sunday, we brought Jonathan to church, and we baptized him! His older brother, Mario, left a week ago for the mission, but for homesickness or something like that, had to come back. So Jonathan got to get baptized by his older brother Mario! It was so sweet.

Sunday morning we had 4 investigators in church. It was a good day. Also, Hermana Cordón and her kids ended up coming to our ward. (She also commented that she likes our ward better! Woot!). They went to the Gospel Principles class, and stayed after for the baptism. Also, a new pair of old missionaries came in, the McLaughlins. They were in our ward with the Cordón family. They are really cool. They were also at the baptism. It was way cool! Jonathan was so happy.

Here are some pictures of them--Elder Ward, Mario, Jonathan, and me. Yes, I am wearing a very small suit. Mine was at the dry cleaners, so I grabbed an extra that was in the house. The baptism was awesome.

Tuesday, we went and bought some pizza with Jonathan. Man, he has changed so much. It is awesome to see how much he has changed and the gospel has blessed his life. I thought he'd have a problem with the Sabbath day or tithing, but he didn't. He really wants to follow Christ. It's way cool.

Tuesday, after that, we went and taught Yanira. Her cousin (the member) said she didn't really want to get baptized, and we were kind of scared. But we got in there, and just had a stellar lesson. It seriously was awesome. The spirit was so strong. By the end, after about an hour and 15 minutes, she said, "I've made the decision" about three times, crying. "I'm gonna get baptized this Friday, and I want you to do it," looking at me. Wow. That was just so powerful. Seriously. It was a way powerful lesson.

We've also found a way cool family, they're progressing well.

So yeah, we're going to have a baptism today. I am stoked.

Take care family,
Elder Bailey

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