Friday, January 6, 2012

52: Independencia 19

Okay. So it's been a really busy week. Let's start with Friday.

Friday, after writing, we went to the Lake Coatepeque. We were all pretty exhausted, so it was way good. This time, we actually went to a house of a member who was down next to the shore. We took a whole bunch of pictures and threw the frisbee around a bit. It was a lot of fun. Way pretty. Really, it was just beautiful.

Saturday was also really cool. We got to go to the President's house and have a New Year's dinner. Mmmm. It was the best food I have had since I started my mission. Sister Cordón had been preparing it since Tuesday. It was a huge turkey, pork loins with pineapple, ponche (a food from Guatemala), mashed potatoes, stuffing (with bacon...the best stuffing I have ever had), salad, chocolate cake, and cheesecake. Let's just say it was good. We also had a lot of fun. President's family is awesome.

On Monday we started changes, and my new companion, Elder Ward, came. He's from Washington. A good guy. So basically I've been running around a ton this week doing all the changes (because Elder Christner's not here...he left for Belize, and Elder Ward doesn't really know what he's doing). So it's just been way hectic. I've been doing a lot of new projects too, so I've been very busy here in the office.

Oh but wow, that food was good on Saturday.

So I'm also the District Leader for the office now. It's kind of an interesting position. It's weird being in charge now.

So that's the week, summed up. It's been good, busy, fun. My companion's gone. We got to be really good friends after 4 1/2 months. He was good.

I also got a package a couple days ago. Thank you so much! It was awesome. We're going to eat the Tim Tams tonight for my companion's birthday.

Well, I'm going to send some pics.

Good to hear everything is going well!

Elder Bailey

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