Friday, December 30, 2011

51: Independencia 18

So, Christmas has passed.

It's been a busy, normal week in the office. It is also the end of the year, so I finished up all the baptismal records.

On Tuesday we had our ward Christmas dinner. Man, that was good. Not the food so much, but it was fun. It also wasn't planned very well, but I enjoyed it. Elder Christner and I did our mini-missionary skit again. It went well. We also picked up a whole bunch of references, so right now we have a bunch of people to teach, and a lot of them are very positive, so that's cool. I expect some pretty cool baptisms for January.

Also, we are about to have changes, and my companion is going to leave the office. He's going to go to Belize next week. He's been a really good companion. We've really gotten to know each other well, and I've learned a ton from him. I am really grateful that I've been able to have Elder Christner as my companion. He's an amazing person.

I have a feeling I'm going to be in the office for 2 more changes, or at least that's the rumor going around--which kind of stinks, because I want to get back into the thicket, preaching the gospel. But you know, I'll keep learning.

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Hope you're all doing well.

With cariƱo [love],

Elder Bailey

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