Friday, December 2, 2011

47: Independencia 14

Wow. It's been a good week.

Sunday we put a date with Mauricio M. Finally. We've been working with this guy for a long time. The main obstacle has always been his wife (or almost wife). She's a member, loves the Church, but is kind of a homebody, and for some reason has always been putting the marriage off. But not this time. We're already getting it ready. We have the date set for the 16th of December. I'm so happy! It's been a while since we've had a baptism.

Also, we got a reference from Jaime P. He's awesome. The reference's name is Hermana C. She's this single mother who is a go-getter. She is very successful…like, really successful…like, she's deciding right now if she wants to buy 3 cargo ships that bring Toyotas to the States and Central America. She's got bills. We taught her, and she's taking theology classes in the Bible. After getting so much money, she decided she wanted to understand religion. Man, she just ate up the BOM. As we were explaining it to her, we asked her if she had any questions, and she said, yeah. "Can I have one?" "How much does it cost?" It was cool. We had an appointment to go back to her yesterday, but she wasn't there. Also, her daughter goes to school with Sabrina, the daughter of President Cordón. And they know her. So now Hermana Cordón wants to help us teach her too. So sweet.

Tuesday, Elder Christner and I were in charge of mutual. Let's just say it was awesome. We'd been hyping people up about it for the last two weeks, and we got a pretty sweet turnout, a lot of youth. It was so much fun. As people came in we would assign them to one of two teams, Lamanites or Nephites. Lamanites had the black headbands, and Nephites the tan. Obviously, I was in charge of the Lamanites and Elder Christner the Nephites. But it was so much fun. We did a little rally at the beginning to get their blood up, some cheering, then we did some activities, and related them to the BOM. So Elder Christner or I would read a couple verses from the BOM, teach them a principle, then we'd play a game that related to it. It worked out really well.

Wow, those guys are competitive. Freak. They were seriously going crazy. We did a three legged relay race where they had to "take their family," then "go back for the plates" (they had to grab a Book of Mormon and bring it back to the other side). Seriously, they went crazy. They kept accusing each other of pulling tricks, and we had to do like 2 deciding races. At the end, they just had me and Elder Christner do a straight out running race. I lost by a smidgeon. But it was way cool. Then we did the human knot. We won, of course.

Then after that, we had everyone go to the sacrament room, and E. Christner and I shared a message. It was so amazing. It was absolutely silent, and there were like 20 youth there. Very spiritual. We talked about Christmas, the BOM, how it's a gift for us, and how we need to give that gift to others. Then we closed. We brought them a huge box of BOMs and some wrapping paper, and we had them write their testimonies in the BOMs, then wrap them to give away to their friends. It worked really well, and a lot of people started giving us references. We are finally waking up this ward. People are finally starting to get hyped for missionary work.

But it was a really cool activity. E. Christner and I were pretty content and happy.

Busy week in the office. Had to get all the registros in to the area presidency, and design our t-shirts.
Yesterday the president's son, Oscar, was set apart as a missionary. He's going to the MTC right now. He was called to the Taiwan Taipei mission. The president invited us to this meeting. Wow, was it cool. The president and his wife are some very, very amazing people. I loved it.

So yeah, it's been a way good week. We haven't been able to teach a lot of lessons, but hey, we put a baptismal date, and have gotten more references this week than any other. I've learned a lot about missionary work this week.

Hey, but ya tengo que terminar. I've got to finish. But this mission is so awesome! I love it. Elder Christner and I are getting along so well now. It's sweet. We're getting a lot of cool things done here. I was a little bummed for a while because we didn't have any dates or good progressing investigators. But I really did learn a lot from that time, and now we're going to baptize someone this December and complete a family!!!



Elder Bailey

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