Wednesday, January 18, 2012

54: Independencia 21

January 18, 2012
Alright. Well family, I'm writing you all one day earlier today because tomorrow we are going to have a special conference with Elder Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy. So today I am writing you from my seat in my office. We just finished cleaning it all because Elder Nelson (of the Twelve) is going to have a meeting here with all the bishops and stake presidents of the country, and President says he's very likely to come in here to check out the office. So he's going to see MY desk. Woah. I also just finished writing "El Estandarte," our mission newsletter, for this change. It's been a very busy week. We got five new missionaries this week from Mexico (they came 2 weeks late). Busy, busy, busy.
But let's start with P-day, because that's an interesting story.
I decided to finally get my teeth fixed. I've had cavities for a while now, so it was finally time to get them fixed. The good thing is that it only cost me 10 dollars per cavity. The bad is that she told me I actually had eight. Okay, so I had her fill the two worst ones that day. Well, they were my two back molars on the right. So she finished, and it was cool. When I got back to the house, I tried to floss, and as it turns out she got a bit of the filling stuck between my two teeth. Well, I also couldn't wear my retainers. The next day I went to her, and she told me that she could just knick it off. Well, she did that, and also a bit of my tooth. So now I have this huge gap between my two back molars and...what can you do? Anyways, I still have to get my other ones filled, and am not really sure what I want to do about that now.
Sunday I went to church, like always. The president also went to our ward, which kind of stunk because I only had one investigator in sacrament meeting. But I think she'll get baptized, so that's okay. The members are looking a lot more with us, which is pretty sweet. I've been in this area for a really long time. I love them. Not gonna lie.
Monday we had family home evening with Victor Samayoas family and an investigator he brought. He taught us about how to have a family home evening. Kind of weird, but it was still good.
Tuesday we had a Noche de Fortaleza, where we went with the bishop to teach a lesson to some members, and they were supposed to bring investigators. It worked out, they brought one, but she didn't want anything, and yeah....
We've been working a lot with a member named MarĂ­a de Carmen. She's the convert of Elder Alvarado. She's just awesome. We're going to baptize her neighbor. Well, we're always working hard.
I've been working a lot with Access and Excel in the office. I've learned a lot of cool tricks, and have made some pretty sweet stuff.
Anyways, I've got to go now.
Elder Bailey

From Jan 19, 2012

P.S. The pic is me after the dentist. She used a lot of anesthetic.

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