Sunday, April 24, 2011

15: San Jorge 6


We just finished up our first change.  My companion, Elder Gonzalez, got a call this week for information that they only ask people who go to Belize, and sure enough, he left for Belize this morning.  So I get a new companion on Wednesday, Elder Urbina, I think.  Also, Elder García, another elder who lives with me, is getting a new elder [companion] and Elder Stone is leaving.  They're all Latinos, and none of them can speak English.  So I'm going to be living with the Latins who can't speak English.  It's going to be so awesome.  I'm pretty excited to receive a new companion and learn from him. 

Elder Gonzalez was good.  He taught me to work.  We were always running to our appointments.  He also taught me to not be timid about asking people to be baptized.  We'd talk about it almost every first lesson.  He was a good companion, but I'm excited for a change.  I'm excited to be able to lead more and learn more from Elder Urbina.  As hard as it's going to be, I'm excited to live in a house with three non-English-speaking Latinos.  I should pick up Spanish so quickly this next change.

Right now we have two families who are really positive.  The family of Jorge Sanchez is way positive.  Jorge really wants to be baptized.  His wife Sonia and his daughter Rosa both love the church, and I think know the church is true (it's hard to tell, I miss a lot because of the whole language thing), they're just really timid about being baptized.  But we're going to try and baptize them this next Sunday.  I'm praying for it.

In San Jorge, there's always a member who is in some type of "apostasy."  There are a lot of strange beliefs in some of the churches there, and it's hard to teach the members that yes, it's okay to dance, sure, you can wear makeup, and yes, there is no problem with wearing pants.  It's over the top.

So this week was the Easter week, which is a big deal here.  Everyone goes to the beach this week and there are a whole bunch of sacrilegious Catholic processions and stuff.  Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Brown, and we were in the middle of contacting someone on the streets when a huge Catholic parade started.  We had to run away and take a ten minute detour to get around them.

Also, I got to build an adobe house this week with Elder Brown.  They had it all...the mud pit with three little Latinitos mixing it, the dad up on the scaffolding slabbing the mud, then they were taking another part of the house down by breaking the wall with a machete.  It was so awesome.  I got to use a machete for the first time here.  It was so intense.  So yeah, I've built an adobe house.

Well, it's going good here.  The weather's nice.  The work is good, and the people are great. 
Honestly, a mission is worth it.  I'm growing so much from the experiences I'm having.  Say hi to everyone for me.  Tell them the gospel's true!!  Hope all is going great back in the USA.

Till next week,
Elder Bailey

P.S.  So I discovered something awesome this week.  It's called chocolatina.  If you think the chocolate milk at Costco is good, you should try this stuff.  It is so rico [rich].  It puts all other chocolate milk to shame.  Of course, it's really fattening too...but wow, it's good.

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