Tuesday, April 12, 2011

13: San Jorge 4

Bueno bueno!

It’s been a busy week.  We finally got some good investigators.   We have Luis.  He’s a cop.  He was chasing some gangsters a few days ago, and they drove off a cliff into a crater.  Luis ran after them and when he looked over the edge he saw one of them with his head split.  He was pretty shaken about that.  So my companion gave him a Book of Mormon and told him that if he’d read it and pray he’d feel better.  I didn’t really do anything because I was kind of confused and didn’t know what was going on. Luis didn’t go to church, but we’ll keep working with him.

Other times I understand really well.  I get frustrated with the language sometimes, but everyone keeps saying that I am doing way well for un mes [one month].  There are just some people that don’t pronounce their words really well. 

We also found a huge family.  At first they weren’t that positive.  Then the Bishop (Bishop Montenegro) came and taught the second lesson with us, and they became positive.  Even the old women that just wanted to argue said that that message was bonito at the end.  The bishop is a dang good teacher.  I learned so much from listening to him.  So the family came to church, but they’re still going to take a lot of work to get them baptized.

Also, we have Argustin.  He can’t really talk because something happened to his throat.  But he’s actually really intelligent.  He committed to be baptized yesterday after church.

Really, I’m pretty sure most the people in San Jorge are crazy... but they still need the gospel.  Also, the drunks are always entertaining when we’re waiting for the bus.  Haha...wow.

I also got to do intercambios [exchanges] with Elder Delgado yesterday.  He’s our other zone leader.  He’s from Peru.  He’s really short.  He also is a powerful teacher.  He’s very organized and I learned so much from working with him.  Also, we decided that we’re going to go climb Machu Picchu after our missions.  But of course, I’m just starting and this is his last change.

So I still haven’t really gotten sick.  That’s good.

Friday night we were grabbing some pupusas for dinner when it started raining.  Wow, does it rain here.  We were running up the path to our apartment...it was basically like running up a river.  So awesome.  Then I was telling Elder Brown about it and he said that was nothing, and in the rainy season it’ll be up to my door.  I’m so stoked for that.  Maybe I’ll have to swim to get home.

We also had the APs staying over at our house for a few days.  Oh, which reminds me, in a month or so I will no longer be serving in the El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission.  I will be serving in the El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission.  We won’t have San Salvador anymore...or the temple.:(  So our offices are going to start moving soon to Santa Ana.  Don’t send me any packages for the next couple weeks because I don’t know what the address is.  However, if you do end up sending me a package, I am dying for a frisbee and can’t find a good one here.

Anyways, the AP, Elder Hosmond is awesome.  He reminds me of my oldest brother.  We got to study a bit with them, and I learned a lot.
We learned about love.  Honestly, you just have to love everyone you’re working with.  If you don’t love, you’re not going to get anywhere.  Everyone has good qualities and bad, and we always need to focus on the good, not the bad.

Really, I´m just learning.  My companion’s not really a people person, but is still a very persuasive teacher.  Also, there’s a lot of stuff he doesn´t know, so I’m teaching him a lot too.  I never thought I’d end up teaching my entrenedor [trainer], but we can do a lot better.  Same thing in real life.  If you focus on the bad qualities of people, they’re going to get to you.  Just deal with them and focus on the good, and things can work out.

So all’s well down here.  I’m happy to be in El Salvador.  I really hope I pick up this language quickly.  I’m learning a lot.  My zone’s great, my Spanish is improving, my area’s full of crazies, and the work is great.

Elder Bailey

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