Monday, January 31, 2011

MTC Week 3: "Great"

Hola!  So this has been a great week.  My companion and I taught the first lesson a few days ago to some fake investigators. It was absolutely amazing.  We taught so well.  

So I told my companion I knew how to hypnotize people and he told me he didn't believe in hypnosis. Little did he know.  But don't worry.   I'm not hypnotizing people during our lessons. It is legitimate teaching by the spirit.  Of course, I do use a lot of teaching techniques and influence techniques when I teach, but it just makes it better.  

I am really good at studying and staying on task. Thanks mom!  Because of that, I'm able to learn so quickly.  My Spanish is still getting better, and so are my teaching skills.  I've started teaching the first lesson in Spanish too.  I don't know enough to make it amazing, but at least I can do it.
So last week I wasn't doing so good, then I remembered my talk, and decided to focus on service.  To be honest, there's not really much service you can do at the MTC, but I do what I can.  I'm floating on a spiritual high now.  I feel so energetic and excited to teach.  I just want to get out to El Salvador and get going.

The devotionals here are awesome. The old guys that get up and talk to us are geniuses. Also, I get to sit on a comfortable seat when I listen to them, which makes it even better--so thanks for sending me that seat cushion.

What else... There's really not a ton to talk about here because we basically do the same stuff every day. Study, get taught, study, eat, exercise, go to a devotional on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Oh yeah, we have a new teacher, Hermano Moen.  He is awesome!  He is always so excited at teaching and gives awesome lessons.  He uses a lot of influence techniques, and he's so good at them I'm really wondering if he knows what he's doing.  But he is so inspirational.

So I've started writing some of my fellow zone members' little sisters. This is because we get like...four hours to write letters, and I never really have any to write.  So if you want me to write you, write me so I have your address.  My companion seriously gets about four letters a night.  Yes, I do get Dear Elder letters.  We get them the day of.  But I can't write you back unless I have your address.  

Elder Mendenhall is looking over my shoulder right now.  He's great.  My whole zone is great. Except one of the districts is leaving this week, which is too bad (cause they're awesome), but at least my district won't be the new people anymore.  

Life is still great and I love the learning and teaching here at the MTC.  I'm having a great time!  Yeah. That's all I got for now.  Write me and ask me questions if you want more.

Elder Chris Bailey

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