Monday, January 17, 2011

MTC Week 1


I want you all to know that I'm alive and doing well.  The MTC is an awesome place, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it 9 weeks here.

My companion's name is Elder Gealta.  He's from California and acts like one of them too.  But he's cool.  He's probably the perfect companion for me, because we're supposed to be with our companions at all times, and I'm not too good at that--I like to explore a lot.  But where ever I go he's always there.  In fact yesterday I walked out of the bathroom stall and he was standing right in front of it.  Yeah, he's that good.  (it was a joke, he's not actually wierd like that.  He also gets a lot of letters and packages, which makes me feel unloved because I've only gotten something from the Nuffers (Thanks!).  So I'd love letters.  Especially from women, cause I miss women.  There are ten people in my district and they are all awesome.  We are already soo tight.

Thursday night was interesting.  I figured when I got my call that I would get sick and throw up during my mission, but I didn't think it'd happen so soon.  Apparently there's a stomach flu going around our zone, and I think I picked it up from eating Elder Stokes's (a guy in our zone) popcorn.  I woke up at one in the morning with my stomach hurting.  Then I realized that something was moving up the throat, and booked it to the nearest toilet.  I threw up for about ten minutes, then again two hours later.  That wasn"t the worst of it, but I'll stop there.  On friday we all forgot our keys and got locked out of our room.  I should have brought my lock pick set with me.  I think I'll go make my own soon just in case taht happens again.

I'm tired a lot.  We don't get very much sleep and me and my four roomies (Elder Gealta, Elder Parry--he's from provo, is going to the el salvador east mission, and sings really loudly, and Elder Mendenhall--yeah, from alpine going to the same mission as me and Gealta) can't stop talking till 11.  I do get to exercise everyday though, which is nice.  I try to run a 5k everyday.  I'm also picking up Spanish really quickly.  Everything I learned from Senora Swartz in school (whether I paid attention or not it seems) has all come back.  I can already do street contacts in spanish.  I'm basically pro.

Sunday was awesome.  Our Branch President, President Romney, is awesome.  He gave an awesome talk during sacrament meeting, and THe MTC presdient gave another great talk on commitment during the fireside that night.  A lot of people think the MTC life is really tough, but I feel the opposite.  Between goal setting, leading, and studying really hard, I'm getting along really well.  I've really been prepared for this.  In addition, all of the doctrine I've learned from priest's quorum, sunday school, and my mission prep classes is all coming back to me and making sense.  Even though I didn't feel like some of them were really that helpful when I took them, they really are now that I'm in the MTC.

A few days ago we also got to go walk around the temple.  Elder Mendenhall kept coming up to people and pointing to their ties, telling them there was something on it.  When they would look down, he'd poke them on the face.  I fell for it a lot cause my ties are new and I'm afraid their dirty already.  Soon, everyone was doing it to him, and he wouldn't look down.  Because we were at the temple, he had his camera with him, hanging across his chest.  So I took advantage of the situation and took his camera while he was refusing to look.  Wow, learning how to pick-pocket has really helped me get back at other missionaries on my mission.  He was running around making a big scene of it, and it was pretty funny (don't worry, he wasn't angry--it was all in fun).  We gave it back to him eventually.

Shout Out!
I've ran into so many people I know, Simon Taylor, Forrest Tait, Matt Rossy, Kolten Barfuss, Ian Pierce, Jason Perry... the list goes on.  It feels like my whole high school is here with me.

Well, I'm almost out of time.  Just know that I'm doing great in the MTC, and write me letters. I love you all, and the gospel's true,

Elder Bailey

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