Wednesday, December 26, 2012

101: Juayua 9

Hello familia!


Merry Christmas!


So I guess the idea of me not calling tomorrow got kind of shot down.  Haha.  I guess I'll call.

In other news, we've survived the end of the world.


So this week has been great in a lot of ways.  All of our work with the members is paying off.  We've gotten some cool referrals.  Last week, one of the young women, M., brought her friend to church, so we contacted her family during the week.  They are way positive.  She, her mom, and her grandparents went to church this Sunday, plus another woman who was a referral from the second counselor in the stake.  So we had 5 people in church yesterday.  We went to visit them after and only the grandparents were there, but they accepted baptismal dates for the 6th of January.  They are way awesome.  The grandma brought a notebook and was taking notes during all the meetings, and after she told us she needed a hymnbook so that she could continue in the Church.   That family is way cool.


Also, on Thursday we had the mission Christmas activity.  It was a lot of fun.  We played cool games, had the talent show again (I didn't do anything this time).  But this time, what I liked most was the spiritual part.  I had to get up and share my last testimony.  Man, that was hard.  There were 17 people in all who shared their testimonies, and I was the second to last.  One by one, I saw all my friends pass by and share their testimony.  It was really hard to share my testimony, but it was sincere.  After, they had the musical program, and it was very good.  You could definitely feel the spirit a ton.  I'm not gonna lie, it really hit me that I was going home, and it was pretty rough.  Luckily, I was with all my friends who I started with...Elder Mendenhall, Elder Gealta, Elder Romero, and Elder Zepeda.   It was cool.


But don't worry, we're working our butts off, and are finding a lot of people.  We've already got two dates for JANUARY!!!!!  WWWOOOOOT!!!!


Well, I love you all, take care, and Merry Christmas.


Elder Bailey

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