Wednesday, December 26, 2012

100: Juayua 8

Hey there family,

So this week has been another week of hard work. We've been working a ton with members, and have been receiving and contacting a ton of referrals. They've had results, and we had 2 investigators in church who were referrals. They're progressing well.

It's been hard in our area. There are a lot of evangelicals, and they pretty much track us down and visit and attack anyone who we visit. We've lost a lot of positive investigators for that, even when they already have a testimony, but it is helping a ton to work with the members. We're having a lot more success in the area because of that.

This week I got to go to Nahuizalco with Elder Gottchalk and Texical with Elder Cade Larsen. They are both very good missionaries. Elder Larsen is awesome. He's working very well in his area. I was impressed.

Well, we're just getting ready for Christmas here, sharing a lot of messages about Christ and seeing the "Joy to the World" video a lot.

Look, if you really want me to call you, that's fine. But honestly, I don't really see a point. I'm going home in like 3 weeks. Just let me know next Monday.

Well, hope it's all smooooth back home. Love you all and love this work.

Take care,
Elder Bailey

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