Monday, May 21, 2012

71: Sonsonate 8

¡Hola familia!


¿Cómo están?


Todo bien aquí en El Salvador.  Esta semana ha sido excelentísimo.  Ya les cuento lo que ha pasado:  [Everything's good here in El Salvador.  This week has been excellent.  I'll tell you what has happened:]


We've worked hard and found a lot of cool news.  On Tuesday, we found 6 news in one day, 2 families.


On Thursday, we had another adventure in San Salvador.  My companion had to go there to do his immigration papers.  It's always an adventure.


On Friday, I did interchanges with the DL, so I got to leave my area and go work in Sonsonate (first time since I've gotten to Sonsonate).  It was cool.  That area is so awesome.  Seriously.  It is so much bigger than mine.  (We live in department Sonsonate, in city Sonsonate, and we're in zone Sonsonate, but area America.  But there's also another area called Sonsonate where my DL is, where I visited Friday, and that area is way sweet.)


Well, then Saturday we had a baptism.  D. We completed a family.  We baptized the daughter of a pastor.  Her parents had founded a church.  The church is located right next to D's house.  But we baptized her!  Man, this baptism took a lot of preparation.


First of all, at 2:00, we went to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font.  But the plug didn't work.  So we spent like an hour trying to fix it.  In the end, we couldn't find a way to fix it, so we just went outside and found a brick and covered the plug up with the brick.  That worked.  Well, after a lot of preparation, we finally had everything ready at 5:00 (when the baptism was supposed to start), and they weren't there.  So we took off running.  We got to their house, and the husband was showering.  Just getting ready.  Then we asked them if they had everything, and she didn't have a white shirt (we had the skirt).  Well, I guess my companion forgot to ask her that the night before.  So we went running to a whole bunch of members' houses to find someone who could lend her a shirt.  Thankfully, the bishop's wife helped us out there.  So we ran back to their house, gave them the shirt, then ran to the chapel.  People were already starting to come.


Well, finally, at like 5:35-ish, D showed up, she was pretty nervous.  Her husband forgot to bring a white shirt, so he took off to his house again to get a white shirt.  We played the First Vision movie while we were waiting.  He got there.  They changed.  We took pictures, and finally, about an hour and a half later, we started. The baptism was really good.  Way cool. The husband, JC, got to baptize his wife. Seriously.  It was way awesome. Way cool baptism.  Also, B and M showed up (our investigators).  They liked it a lot.


So we baptized the daughter of a pastor.


On Sunday, we had 5 in sacrament meeting (finally).  B and M finally came, and three others.  They are all progressing pretty well.  Sunday was really cool.


Well, we've baptized 2 families this month.  Time to find two more for the next month.


Hope everything is great back at home. Take care everyone!!


Elder Bailey

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