Friday, September 16, 2011

36: Independencia 3

Well, it's been another week, and time is rushing by.  I can't believe it's already been three weeks in the office.  It feels like I just got there.  The office is very cool and very boring.  Boring, because I have to put in tons of baptismal records. And that's boring.  But cool because we do get some perks.  For instance…

Last night the president called us and told us he'd come pick us up at 8 this morning.  So he did. Then he took us to Burger King.  Then he took us to his house.  Then we ate food from Burger King.  Then they had brownies.  So we ate the brownies.  We enjoyed them very much. Very, Very much.  After, we had our own group study with the president.  Sweet!

So we watched an old MTC devotional by Elder Holland.  It was so cool.  Those devotionals were cool in the MTC, but even cooler when you're out in the field.  I felt pretty inspired.  Right now I feel like I should go study and work for my P-day.

We have some very cool, positive investigators, but they haven't really been home this week, so it's been kind of difficult.  But it's cool.  We do need to find more though, because...well...that's just something you should do.

So I've worked hard this week.  I've learned a lot.  Unfortunately, I have not actually written in my journal at all this week, so I don't really remember what happened.  But it was all cool.  Todo tranquilo.

Actually, I'm not going to lie, Sunday was a very, very hard day for us.  This was the day when we were supposed to confirm the 3 kids, and we were very excited for them.  But in the morning Mario called us (their Grandpa) and told us that they were being impossible and wouldn't go.   That was very hard for us, and the first thing we did after church was go to visit them.  They were acting so strange around us.  They knew where they were supposed to be, and felt very guilty, but they're kind of wild children.  That's kind of what happens when your parents aren't there to raise you.  Their parents had left for the states and dropped the kids on the Grandpa.  He really is trying his best to raise them, but they are just difficult.  He tries to teach them good principles, but they don't listen.  I kind of see that as one of the reasons that it is so important to raise kids in a good family unit.  The examples and atmosphere that the parents set makes a huge difference in how the kids act.  Maybe people are born with some traits, but wow, does their home make a big difference.

So when we got there on Sunday, they were acting really weird, and we realized that someone must have said something to them.  Someone was talking bad about us to them, and because of this, they have been acting so awkward this week.  It was hard, not going to lie.  You feel kind of sorry for this family because the grandparents are trying so hard, but their kids are just...lazy.

The good thing about Sunday is that in every lesson we taught, people gave us food.  The bad thing is that I already felt sick to my stomach, so the food didn't really sit too well.  But you know, that's the mission.
Also, we have a way cool investigator named Julio Cesar.  He's an artist, and kind of fits into that stereotype (yeah, I know stereotypes aren't so great, but he really does fit).  But he is very good.  I honestly have not had very many investigators that really think about the questions and answer them and understand and ask more
questions.  It's awesome!  We had a sweet lesson.  He also understands that he needs to get baptized.  We haven't been able to teach him for a long time because he's been painting a mural in San Salvador, but now that he's about to finish, we're going to start working with him more, then baptize him.

Also, there's William, the Eternal Investigator.  He is a lawyer, and all of his family are members.  He knows he wants to get baptized, but just has to clear up a couple of personal issues first.  He's probably one of my favorite investigators that I've had.  We have cool discussions too.  Last time we got into a cool religion/philosophy discussion, and we both learned a lot.  Sweet!

There are others, but I'm going to teach them a little bit more, then I'll tell you how they are.

Hope all's going well out there, because it's all going well back here.

Elder Bailey

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