Monday, February 14, 2011

MTC Week 5

Buenos Tardes!

This week has been excellent! Tuesday, one of the older districts in our zone left.  It was kind of sad that they were leaving, but at the same time we were all jealous that they finally got to leave to the field. They were some awesome people...Elder Wilkinson, Makahilahila, Rock-Ward, Coy, Stokes, Fowler, Hermana Berg, Pack.  They were awesome.  The new district is pretty cool too.  At first, I thought they were all nerds.  Then I started talking to them and remembered that I am a total nerd, and that I actually get along with them really well.  Of course, I would get along with them anyway, but...they're cool.

So, a couple days ago our teacher, Hermana Nilsen, made an announcement that she's embarazada.  We all knew what that meant because the first week here I thought embarazada meant embarrassed, and... turns out it's pregnant.

Friday was our one month mark.  We had a party (as in...we all ate food, then went to bed at 10:30, just like every other night).  The MTC is the weirdest place.  On one side, you love it, and you love the atmosphere, and all the learning, but on the other, it feels like you're in voluntary spiritual prison.  The days just blurrrrr together.  But I'm over halfway now, and soon I'll be out in El Salvador wishing for a warm shower.

On Sunday, President Romney (our branch president) was released and his 1st counselor, Brother Stone, took up his throne.  It was a really cool sacrament meeting because we got to hear the testimonies of the MTC President, President Romney and his wife, and President Stone and his wife (this was the first time we've met her because she has cancer, so naturally she has a very interesting and awesome testimony).  It was definitely a cool meeting.

My companion and I were also able to teach a lesson to our district this Sunday.  It was on Christlike attributes.  We've gotten pretty good at teaching together.  The only problem is that he's not very good at Spanish, and I'm good.  So, because of that our Spanish lessons don't work out as well as our English, but we'll get it.

So it's going good here.  I'm learning, having awesome experiences, and helping others...except there's not very much service we can really do here.  But it's cool.  I'm enjoying life.  I'm stoked to get out in the field and start teaching real people.

Elder Bailey

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