Friday, September 21, 2012

89: Primavera 8

Hey family!

So this week has been a little interesting. On Sunday, I woke up just
way tired. Then as the day progressed, so did my tiredness. We had a
stake correlation meeting with Pres. Cordòn and all of the bishops,
ward mission leaders, and stake president later that day, and I
started getting a fever. That was just the start of it. I've also
gotten a sweet headache, esp. behind the eyes, and a really achy body.

Well that went on for a couple days, and I kept working nevertheless.
We had a lot to do. Then one night, I just felt really terrible, and
went and got a blood test the next morning. Turns out I have dengue,
a pretty sweet virus spread by mosquitoes. So I'm going to be laying
low for a while.

Other news is that we are (or were) finding some pretty positive
people in our area. I really love Primavera. It is so awesome.

So my bed is really fun. I can read the scriptures, sleep, uhhhhh,
write in my journal. I really want to get out and work again, but
President won't let me.

Well, just thought you'd want to know what's happening.

Take care,
Elder Bailey

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