Friday, September 14, 2012

88: Primavera 7

Hello family, and greetings from El Salvador.

Wow, so this week has had a lot of changes. It's been kind of a crazy week.

To start out, we have seriously been running. Because we've been in a trio, we've been doing a ton of interchanges, and having a ton of lessons. The second to last week we had 59 lessons in our area that week: 29 with members present. That is a ton. The ward has been working hard. Last week we also ended up with like 55 lessons, and 27 with members present. Way cool. That also helped us bring 8 people to church on Sunday.

Well, on Saturday, I went and worked in the area Piramidal. They've had like 3 Sundays straight without bringing investigators to church.  So I went there and worked all of Saturday and Sunday in the morning.  That area has some way sweet members. We taught some really cool lessons. I really enjoy doing interchanges, they are always the most interesting days, and the most happens when we go on interchanges. So Sunday in the morning we were able to bring 6 people to church in that area, then people in our area Primavera as well. In all I helped 14 people go to church that Sunday! Cool stuff. So I went to church there, but the last hour I went back to my own ward for a BAPTISM.

His name is O. F. He is so sweet. About 1.5 years ago, he was taught by my first zone leader, Elder Brown. O. got a testimony and all that, and had some really powerful spiritual experiences. But his parents are pastors of an evangelical church and burned O's BOM, hymnbook, everything. They didn't let him talk to the missionaries, or any Mormons. Well, a couple weeks ago, they had a change of heart and told him they'd let him get baptized. Man, he's awesome. Way powerful. He was paying his tithing even before his baptism and everything. He even brought 3 investigators to church on Sunday.

O had a powerful baptism. The stake president baptized him, and gave a cool talk before. When O. came out of the water, he was bawling. Seriously, he was just ecstatic.

Well, then we had changes. President called my companion on Sunday and sent him to Belize. Goodbye Elder Rodriguez. Elder Feliz left on Wednesday, and I got my new companion, Good ol' Elder Hobbs. So, it's all cool. We're working hard. Yesterday we planned and had a way sweet zone meeting. It was really good. The ward is also working a ton with us. I love them.

Well, my old companions left. I loved them; we had a lot of good times, some of my best companions.

Hope everything is well back home.

Elder Bailey

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