Monday, May 9, 2011

17: San Jorge 8


So it's been a productive week.  Hopefully I´m going to have 8 baptisms this month.  It's going good.  My backpack is always filled with mangos and avocados, and the work's going great.

My companion's way great.  He's smart and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve that get people to commit.  It's awesome, I've learned tons from him.

This week, I also got to go on intercambios [exchanges] with Elder Feliz, a negro from Dominican Republic.  It throws me off every time he speaks Spanish.  It just doesn't seem right.  But he's got good energy, and we got so much done together!  Pretty sweet.

On Sunday there was a football game.  Wow, it's a big deal here.  Pretty much the whole city of Santa Ana was in our area wearing red.  We had to squeeze through a lot of people to get back, so I ended up calling my mommy a little late.  Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Pretty short today, but it's all going good!  The work of the Lord is pretty awesome!

Until next week,

Elder Bailey

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