Monday, July 25, 2011

28: Refugio 7

 Hellllloooooo from El Salvador!

So it feels like this week has gone by sooo fast (except for Tuesday).

Monday I got to go play soccer at the stake center with the members. Pretty sweet. I actually made a couple goals, but wow, can I not play. They are so good. It’s total deception. Soccer’s a pretty sweet sport. Well, after that Elder Webb wanted to play basketball, and wow, can they not play. I’ll be honest, I never played basketball before the mission, nor did I really want to either—because I’m horrible, but here...I’m soo good. I destroyed them. Let’s just say they struggle a lot with the whole hand coordination thing (more than me), plus they’re all short.

Well, after that I got to go return with my him a lot. Tuesday the same. Then Wednesday finally came (my Sunday). I got a new companion, Elder Romero. He’s a short Latin from Guatemala. Pretty sweet. He likes to work hard, first of all. That’s just amazing. So since that day we have been working hard, and the time has passed by so quickly. We have so much to do. So many people we could visit. We got 6 people to sacrament meeting, we have our’s just great. Also, he speaks a little bit of English, which always comes in handy when we need to say something to each other during a lesson without the investigators understanding.

We walk a lot. Along one of the roads where we walk there’s a dead dog that just smells horrible. We’ve gotten to see its death cycle from the first day it died, to the second day when it got bloated, to the third day when there were other dogs eating it, to now, when for the most part, it’s just a skeleton. Yeah, pretty sweet.

We’re still working hard with the familia Herrera. They are so powerful, but we just can’t get the woman to accept a marriage date. Sunday we got to have a lesson with them in the house of Marlon (the member). It was good, but really long, because everyone wanted to talk. Yeah, can’t make that mistake again. On Saturday we’re going to have a baptism for Adonaí, and we’re going to marry him to Sandra. I’m pretty excited for that, because Adonaí is pretty sweet. He’s gone to the temple three times and just loves it. So that’s going to be pretty cool.

Oh, I forgot. So before we taught the lesson to the familia Herrera, Marlon´s wife cooked us food. I ate a chili, but forgot to wash my hands after. The thought never really came to me that chili burns other parts of your body, not just your mouth. So I rubbed my nose, and that started stinging and running, and wow it was weird. Then I rubbed my eye. That was a really bad idea. My eye started burning. I seriously couldn’t open it. So I took off to the pila and was washing my eye out for about 10 minutes until I could finally open it, then I returned. It still stung a lot and it was bright red, and I was crying. Hopefully no one really noticed and they just thought that I was having a spiritual experience.

Also, Saturday was our final trip to the temple open house. Wow. Bien chulo. Bonito. The temple is so awesome. The dedication is going to be the 20th of August, and the missionaries get to have a special conference with the leaders of the church a couple days before that. I’m stoked.

So, really we’re just working hard. We have a lot to do, and with a good companion, I can finally make some progress. Hope it’s all good back at home!

Elder Bailey

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