Monday, June 6, 2011

21: San Jorge 12

So it's been a pretty busy week.  First of all, we've been living in the casa grande with the assistants.  I've been talking with them a lot lately and have learned a lot.  First of all, I've learned that being an assistant really isn't that great.  Yeah, they get an extra 100 dollars and a microwave, but that's about it.  A lot of missionaries don't like them because they have a microwave, and they get chewed out by the president for every little detail.  So that's not a very good spot to be in.  Also, I was able to talk with them and we realized that probably one of the biggest problems in the mission is pride, and [also] laziness.
Oh, that reminds me.  I'm moving on Wednesday.  I'm going to El Refugio, Chalchuapa.  My companion is going to be another Elder Gonzalez, but this Elder Gonzalez is basically the opposite of my first Elder Gonzalez (there are a lot of Elder Gonzalez's). Also, this will be his last cambio [change], so I'm going to kill him (that's what it's called).  So yeah.  I'm pretty stoked for that.  We'll see what happens, because I'm kind of known as a flechon (someone who follows the rules strictly).  It's going to be sweet.
Also, I got about five fechas [dates] this week, some of them by myself (actually, I was on interchanges and had Elder Medina with me, but he fell asleep during the yeah, I set to fechas bautismales [baptismal dates] by myself).  We still haven't put a date with Benny, but he knows that he's going to get baptized.  We've been having some awesome lessons with him.  Also, he's probably going to return to the states in 2 years, so he's going to give me a call.  But yeah, I've set like 5 dates, and they're all going to be after I leave.  Que chafa [too bad].  I don't know if I can count those as a baptism or not.
The mission has been pretty hectic with all these changes going on.  The new president is going to come at the end of this month.  It's going to be pretty sweet.
On Sunday, we had stake conference and I saw a bunch of gringos coming.  I talked with them a bit because they didn't speak Spanish and I realized one of them was in my BYU Book of Mormon class.  Yeah, that was pretty weird.  Stake Conference was way cool, and I sang a song with Elder Brown and Elder Rabanales.  We harmonized.  It sounded so awesome.  It rocked.
We also had a baptism for Jeronimo, a bloke from San Jorge.  It was pretty cool, but I forgot my camera, so I don't have pictures.  Sorry.  Well, it's been good writing, but I don't really have much time today and I have to go.  So hope all is good, and goodbye!
Elder Bailey

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